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DT horizontal flow-pack machine is a super quality automatic packaging machine for solid goods with regular shape, such as biscuit, cookies, chocolate, long shape candy, bread, instant noodles, waster ice, ice cream, moon cake,medicine, commodity, knife and fork, Hardware etc.

D.T Flow Wrap Machines is a versatile product used to wrap solid products in a protective seal or for unitizing lose products for retail. Available in both automatic and semi-automatic formats D.T Flow Wrap Machines has the right machine to fit your packaging needs.

An Added Layer of Protection

Flow wrapped products benefit from an added layer of protection from outside contamination. This contamination can be in the form of dust, moisture or harmful UV rays. Flow wrapped products also benefit from less direct handling. This limits “pick through” damages that can occur at retail. Available in varying thicknesses and composition, D.T Flow Wrap Machines has the flow wrap film that is right for your packaging solution.

What to

See it in Action

DT horizontal flow wrap wraps clear and printed film for granola bars, cookies and snacks. Perfect economical and reliable machine.

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