Bars & Cookies Machine

Our packaging machinery is quality built, product details include date coder for best before date, lot number to be able to monitor and track your production runs along with being able to print a best by on your desired product. The food packaging machine also comes with electric eye option if you are running pre-printed film, we can also help you size out your product packaging prior to printing film. Our 7 inch touch screen is easy operational, we have the option of programming your preferred language choice. Our bag former is adjustable; prior to your order we size out your product(s) and build your machine to the specs you provide. The feeding conveyor is made from 304 stainless steel material, customized pushers are built according to your product, we use either a thinner or thicker pusher depending on the width and size of your item(s). ZigZag or flat sealing / thinner or thicker sealed lip is available with with hole puncher if desired, we gather all information and build to your requirments.

This flow wrapper is ideal for all types of bars and cookies it can pack in transparent or printed film.