We specialize and really niche only in horizontal food packaging machines. We offer the perfect type of machine needed for the specific client.

About Us

We are a leading provider of food packaging solutions, specializing in horizontal packaging machinery with over 50 models including VFFS and large vertical options. Our facilities, spread across 100,000 sq. ft. and 3 workshops, prioritize quality, research, design, and service. With our technology department and after-service team, backed by quality partners, we ensure CE certified food packaging machines with strict processing control and quality detection.

Our food packaging machine will provide solutions for your needs.

Our company imports top-quality packaging machines from select Asian suppliers and enhances them with North American and German technology at our facility. Our team of engineers ensures the machines meet or exceed standards. As a result, our customers receive premium machines at a competitive price, complete with warranty and training on proper operation, film sizing, and product-specific adjustments for either printed or transparent film. We are dedicated to your success every step of the way.

D.T. Food packaging machines are a versatile solution for wrapping food and non-food products. They can wrap bars, cookies, candies, nuts, chocolate, chewing gum, breadsticks, lollipops, dry baked goods, soap bars, pencils, promotional items, plastic spoons, and forks. Our machines come in various budget-friendly options, from semi-automatic to fully automatic, and are designed to meet specific packaging needs. Our team of experts will customize the machine to meet your requirements. Contact us to learn more!

Our Packing Machines

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Muffin Packing Machine

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